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Artistic Metamorphosis 

Fada Legend 

Customer Testimonials


I haven't had the pleasure of getting an original artwork done by you but I must say that you have an awe-inspiring mind. Each piece has such a wonderful story and connects to the spirit in a way that's so rare. I found myself staring at quite a few of your drawings just taking it all in. You're simply amazing.

Hi Ricardo! Wow, your artwork blew me away, so strong, vibrant and inspiring! You are very talented. I also love the variety of themes you treat. Many "art" schools proclaim that it is important to develop a certain signature "style", but I think that is just for the uninspired. I love that you do not let yourself be captured in a one-way style. True inspiration indeed! You say what you mean and you mean what you say... great unity of spirit and its expression. If you ever travel my way, you will have a place to stay! I plan on coming to La Jamaique and check on you... about those projects... lol! I will! All the best for now, Namaste, Mona

 Thank you. Awesome website. Mine is Hoping to get it up soon. Glad to connect with you. We are on the same journey!!

Deneane De Kort

I love this website, so much insight and its calming. Thank you. Great art!

Sasha, Hamilton House

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