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Artistic Metamorphosis 

Fada Legend 

Available for paint and sip

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The Beauty of Art in 


Not all images and videos on this site were created by Ricardo Newman. All copy right goes to the respective artists/owners. Images / videos are for educational and motivational purposes


I am a Naturally manifested visual artist with a creative soul who utilizes various channels to express my artistic perspectives.

I enjoy the dance between my mind and my hands to transform blank surfaces into graphic poetry,

works that evoke an emotional response.

My frequent mediums are pencil and acrylic paint.

I've also done works in ink and mixed media.

My main inspiration is my mother, as a child around the age of 5,

I would watch her sketch figures in writing pads and I was intrigued by this. She was very good, I would have her sketch a figure then I would do my version next to hers. It was a great feeling getting her approval of my sketches, this motivated me to do better each time.

There were also friends in my class that sketched cartoon characters, we would also do comic strips.

I guess we fed off each others creativity.

I realized I had a passion for art and I stuck to it. Over the years my craft has evolved from cartoon characters to philosophical masterpieces, an "Artistic Metamorphosis" if you will.

I am now being inspired by everything I see around me, I love putting my creative twist and perspective on topics such as history, conspiracy, love, nature relationships and a host of other sources.

My artwork can be described as very sensual, thought provoking and deep. They tend to take you on an exiting euphoric journey of conspiracy, fantasy, spirituality and passion.

To know that my work motivates inspiration is one of my greatest Joys.

Fada Legend

Graphic Poetry, by Fada Legend